Oppressed [adjective]

Definition of Oppressed:


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Sentence/Example of Oppressed:

I was oppressed, grieved, sickened, at the sad presentation of humanity.

He was oppressed with his weariness, and he longed for peace and ease of mind to come to him.

But the thing that most oppressed her was to see the heart of his father so turned from the youth.

Gaming relieved me from that insuperable listlessness by which I was oppressed.

We are apt to be fond of any body that will side with us, when oppressed or provoked.

These labors were attended with the blessing of the God of the poor and oppressed.

The stoutest antagonist, if he remit his watch a moment, is oppressed.

He stopped and held his breath, oppressed by a conviction that some one was near him.

On this fateful day, she alone was oppressed with strange forebodings.

Hamish, were I threatened with worry, as you are, I could not be otherwise than oppressed and serious.