Oppressing [verb]

Definition of Oppressing:

depress, subdue

Opposite/Antonyms of Oppressing:

Sentence/Example of Oppressing:

It had oppressed him before, and now again it was oppressing him.

A heavy sense of the unkindness of fate was oppressing Mr. Goble.

I began to think her innocent, and lost some of the gloom which had been oppressing me.

I made an effort to rouse myself—thinking it was sleep that was oppressing me.

What is the use of possessing strength if we exercise it in oppressing others?

But not for long; so many fears and doubts were oppressing me that I had to speak.

Use not your power or liberty to the robbing, or oppressing, or injury of any.

Possibly, he feared that by oppressing them he might drive them to acts of desperation.

He was an efficient assistant of the latter, and co-operated with him in oppressing the other boys.

Phil explained that Pietro was the padrone's nephew and assisted in oppressing the boys.