Oppressiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Oppressiveness:

In its times of least oppressiveness it was an enormity, if he were innocent.

He got the feeling of being expected to contribute to the oppressiveness of the occasion.

For a moment the stillness seemed tangible in its oppressiveness.

In order to give you a faint idea of the oppressiveness of our etiquette, I shall mention a few examples.

He had no doubt of the oppressiveness of Republican rule, and the need of shaking it off by vigorous measures.

The midsummer sun was now high in the heavens, with just a little stir in the air to temper its warmth and oppressiveness.

There was no suggestion of oppressiveness in the air and a windsail was not necessary to keep the cabin fresh and cool.

The kind of emotion which this examination, joined to the oppressiveness of the air, occasioned, was choking the baron.

The oppressiveness of people who hold a great many things sacred, and cannot bear that they should be jested about, is very great.

The dew-point is a matter of really vital consequence in the question of the oppressiveness of the atmosphere or its reverse.