Oppressors [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Oppressors:

With tears rolling down her cheeks the victim points to her oppressor.

"And yet we used to prevail against the oppressor," he concluded, proudly.

"It is the sacred right of the citizen to oppress the oppressor," chimed Jude.

You, when smitten on the right cheek, turned unto the oppressor the left.

I reck not what ye say, so I win your lady sister from her oppressor.'

(p. 252) Decatur crowded on all sail, and set off in pursuit of the oppressor.

Where is now the oppressor's chariot, where your tyrant's purple robe?

The crushed worm may yet turn under the heel of the oppressor.

Still not a child among us was too young to feel in his own flesh the lash of the oppressor.

To them he was a traitor who had sold himself to the Yankee oppressor.