opprobrium [noun]

Definition of opprobrium:

state of disgrace resulting from public abuse

disgrace; infamy; vilification;

Harsh disapproval or criticism, especially by a large group of people.

Synonyms of opprobrium:

Opposite/Antonyms of opprobrium:

Sentence/Example of opprobrium:

They may want to avoid some of the social opprobrium that they might still face as homosexuals.

Does she know of the opprobrium which must fall upon her head?

Every form in which shame and opprobrium could overwhelm her darling, haunted her.

Cock-eye, a term of opprobrium often applied to one that squints.

Far from me be the thought of lessening the opprobrium of the deed I am accused of.

He merited their opprobrium, simply by being a comrade to his men.

The opprobrium rested upon him then; let the honor be his now.

But the opprobrium of the world was nothing to the upbraiding of her own heart.

She did not understand the word, and thought it, no doubt, the very hyperbole of opprobrium.

I am a vile worm, not a man; I am the opprobrium and disgrace of humanity.

For those who worship an ideal wickedness, opprobrium is glory.