Optimists [noun]

Definition of Optimists:

positive thinker

Synonyms of Optimists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Optimists:


Sentence/Example of Optimists:

Nevertheless, Mrs. Adams remained fitfully an optimist in the matter.

In order to be an Optimist in composition you must have some stirrings of democracy in your veins.

Well, I calls meself an optimist; I sees the worst of everyfink.

The reinsurer, the optimist of ill-luck and disaster, slaps his pocket with satisfaction.

Once a letter spoke of the desirability of being an optimist.

The optimist of Candide was a Mallock in mourning compared to this.

The optimist is in the majority, however, and the world is growing better.

The optimist says "Business is twice as good as it would be if it was only half as good as it is."

He was always an optimist, and he always made every one feel that everything was all right.

The Optimist (who has just been struck by a passing motor-car).