Optimum [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Optimum:

Nothing is more pleasant than a day of this optimum kind in May or June.

Cultivation has been carried far beyond the optimum regions.

My cousin, young Denny Swinton, was to dine with me that evening at the Optimum.

It will be very seldom that a plant is likely to be found at the optimum.

In the present case the optimum temperature is in the neighbourhood of 35C.

Let us take two extreme conditions, the optimum and the minimum.

Either above or below that Optimum one passes towards slavery.

Some of us have not been able to perceive at all clearly the optimum lines of action.

It had been displaced a full fifteen degrees on the topside of optimum power!

"But I am here to conduct an experiment in optimum ecology," said the robot.