Opulence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Opulence:

This "opulence of hill and lake" is the especial charm of Haverhill.

In the time of her opulence and splendor these methods and ideals were hers.

Hunger, on the starting-line, as it were, for a race with death at the signal of opulence!

However, it is in their appearance that they display their opulence.

The Admiral had in one hour been reduced from opulence to penury.

The Duke of Orleans had his numerous partisans, men of opulence and rank.

He confined himself to the enjoyment of his opulence and his high position.

They were supplied with barns bursting with the opulence of the fields.

In this age of opulence and refinement whom can such a character please?

Some are born into opulence, others into the most dreadful want.