Opulent [adjective]

Definition of Opulent:

rich, luxurious, profuse

Synonyms of Opulent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opulent:

Sentence/Example of Opulent:

This was a talisman, formerly only within the reach of the opulent.

Her father had once been an opulent farmer, but was reduced in circumstances.

She was not going to be pitied by the opulent persons on the excursion.

He was one of the greatest, most powerful, most opulent of all earthly monarchs.

In extravagant Hartford the opulent doctor got a shilling a visit.

And in time of war there was the pillage of opulent neighbours.

One must eat the whole dinner to appreciate its opulent inevitability.

There was poetry of an opulent, resonant sort in the brave show.

This was not the easy Hurstwood of Chicago—not the liberal, opulent Hurstwood she had known.

The cottage had been purchased by an opulent and retired manufacturer.