Oracles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Oracles:

How shall we interpret the oracle, you and I and the old intriguer?

The oracle was dressed, as I have said, very richly, in the Chinese fashion.

If the first was the oracle of White's, the second was trusted at Brookes's.

The oracle is dumb, and the end of it all is rather like a prayer.

For an oracle says that when a man of brass or iron guards the State, it will be destroyed.

Verily, Socrates, said Glaucon, you describe the life of the many like an oracle.

But the oracle comes because we had previously laid siege to the shrine.

I answered, therefore, to myself and to the oracle, that it was better for me to continue as I am.

I do not understand you,' I said; 'the oracle requires an explanation.' '

Priests and priestesses may also follow, unless the Pythian oracle forbids.