Orations [noun]

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His oration was lengthy and his eulogy spoken with evident emotion.

Four years since, he delivered the oration on the occasion of its semi-centennial.

There is no measure or end of my praises, and yet 'tis fit my oration have an end.

In ten minutes the old Indian was delivering an oration to us, squatted in resignation.

From an oration on "Columbus and the Exposition," delivered in Chicago in 1890.

This oration should be prized, so to speak, for its "ancient simplicity."

But why did you make your second oration so much finer than the first?

You have heard, Menexenus, the oration of Aspasia the Milesian.

Since Henrietta's oration, I am more than ever afraid of a Vulcan.

The oration was, in the style of the day, florid; but it was full of genuine feeling.