Oratorical [adjective]

Definition of Oratorical:


Opposite/Antonyms of Oratorical:

Sentence/Example of Oratorical:

The latter's address was, so the Item said, "a triumph of oratorical effort."

Never had his oratorical skill been exhibited to better advantage.

This contest, aside from its oratorical power, deserves a place in history.

Oratorical contests were frequent, and they excited popular interest.

If he had the oratorical powers of either of those men, he might do anything.

He purposed then to spring a surprise, oratorical and otherwise, on those assembled.

His own oratorical efforts were usually brief, pithy, and to the point.

This oratorical display of mine gave me an ascendancy over him.

It was the biggest event of the school year—the oratorical contest.

We put up our candidate for the Oratorical Association presidency.