Oratorios [noun]

Definition of Oratorios:

religious song

Synonyms of Oratorios:

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Sentence/Example of Oratorios:

Needless to say, it was "not equal to Mr. Handel's oratorio of Esther or Deborah."

My part did not come until late in the second part of the oratorio.

Not even his Puritanism could enjoy an unlimited diet of oratorio.

The scenes themselves indicate the dramatic character of the oratorio.

The motto of the oratorio is "Love is strong as death, and unconquerable as the grave."

The next scene is one of the most impressive and dramatic in the oratorio.

He invited Spohr to assume its direction and to write an oratorio for the occasion.

The characterization of the oratorio, however, is thoroughly pertinent and complete.

The next number, as the oratorio is now performed, is one which has been introduced.

"Esther" was his first English oratorio, and it made a great success.