Orbicular [adjective]

Definition of Orbicular:

ball-shaped; semicircular area

Synonyms of Orbicular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orbicular:

Sentence/Example of Orbicular:

The response was given by the orbicular spirit, who had appeared to me.

Shields also are found; some oblong and oval, and some orbicular.

Some are flattened, others are orbicular or globose; in some the spiral is very pointed.

On its head by way of crest it has an orbicular protuberant horn.

In all forms there is variation in the stigmata, and in the orbicular especially.

Medusa (aurita) orbicular, with four little hearts in the middle.

Orbicular, or Rotund (Fig. 132), circular in outline, or nearly so.

This mass was of a flattened, orbicular shape, and its surface coated with a green oxide.

The precipices on the east shore shot up into spiral points; yet the orbicular elevations are covered with grass and shrubbery.

If my observations were well taken it embraces, sparingly, orbicular masses of hornblende.