Orbital [adjective]

Definition of Orbital:

at fixed intervals

Opposite/Antonyms of Orbital:

Sentence/Example of Orbital:

But, because of it's great mass, our orbital velocity is something terrific!

He told me to fall out to him at a greater than orbital speed.

Also there are differences in the breadth of the orbital ring.

Its diameter is 3000 miles, and it completes its orbital revolution in 88 days.

What is the orbital speed of Mercury, and what that of Neptune?

The mass of Venus is ascertained by the perturbations in the orbital motion of the earth.

The form of the spiral is preserved by the orbital motion of its particles.

Its kidneys, however, are non-lobate, and it has orbital glands.

The variation in the orbital velocity of some comets is enormous.

Probably it was their orbital formation that had made him think they were moons.