Orchard [noun]

Definition of Orchard:

fruit farm

Synonyms of Orchard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orchard:


Sentence/Example of Orchard:

She had disobeyed by just standing outside the orchard door.

The pipe, and also his head, again indicated the men in the orchard.

At the road he met Jack and Wally, just returning from the orchard.

In this orchard was the building where the poor children lived.

Entered the gardening and orchard business when a young man.

Looked on the orchard, a bloomy sea, with its billows of blossoms.

See to it that your bedroom window that opens on the orchard is left open.

"Oh, mamma, we're going to the orchard to play," said Archy.

In the orchard, they were greeted by the birds that banqueted in the fruit-trees.

Then she led him towards the orchard, but they could not reach it.