Orchestrated [verb]

Definition of Orchestrated:

organize; cause to happen

Synonyms of Orchestrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orchestrated:

Sentence/Example of Orchestrated:

As you know, I destroyed a Symphony which I had partly composed and orchestrated in the autumn.

Orchestrated in September and October of the same year, and completed early in November.

Tchaikovsky composed and orchestrated this piece in Maidanovo and sent it to St. Petersburg all in one day.

Suite No. 4, in four movements, arranged from various works of Mozart and orchestrated for full orchestra.

When I had orchestrated a section, he would show me his own instrumentation of the same passage.

I have been working with good results, and half the symphony is orchestrated.

In November Tchaikovsky orchestrated the first scene of the second act.

His first opera, composed and orchestrated before he became of age, was entitled "The First Lieutenant."

He had no orchestrated music, but Phil Blumenschein, the bandmaster, was an old minstrel leader.

The whole of the third act is finished, and the dances from it—which I orchestrated at Hapsal—will be given at the next concert.