Orchestrations [noun]

Definition of Orchestrations:

musical adaptation

Synonyms of Orchestrations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orchestrations:


Sentence/Example of Orchestrations:

And his orchestration, with its daubing, its overladen, hysterical color!

He has also been active as a teacher in harmony and orchestration.

The orchestration is remarkably fine with effect, color, and variety.

On the other hand there are-125- fascinating details of orchestration.

In plasticity of orchestration his operas also mark a great advance.

The assemblage of tastes forms a harmony as fine as any orchestration of sounds.

Oh, that wonderful bit of orchestration where Mimi speaks of fear!

The work is typical of its school, especially in the orchestration.

What chiefly interests me in Lohengrin at present is the orchestration.

In the course of the summer the orchestration would be finished.