Orchestrion [noun]

Definition of Orchestrion:

device playing music

Synonyms of Orchestrion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orchestrion:


Sentence/Example of Orchestrion:

They were dancing in the hall when I arrived, and now they're playing the orchestrion!

Raymond finally said to me, one evening, in the shadow of the orchestrion.

I never asked what Mr. Gluckstein thought of the orchestrion.

This orchestrion was a superior one, with a varied programme.

The "musical instrument of his invention" was called an orchestrion.

It was a kind of combination between a gramaphone and an orchestrion.

It would seem from his description of the orchestrion in Data zur Akustik that Vogler knew of no such device.

In the silence and vacuity which follow the impromptu on his orchestrion, the composer yearns, broods, aspires.

Panharmonicon, pan-har-mon′i-kon, n. a mechanical musical instrument of the orchestrion class.

The orchestrion bellowed and thundered on its platform, filling the ears with its long monotonous song.