Ordeal [noun]

Definition of Ordeal:

trouble, suffering

Synonyms of Ordeal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ordeal:

Sentence/Example of Ordeal:

Had I been subject only to his examination, my ordeal would not have been severe.

I was sure only that they had been through an ordeal and were feeling the reaction.

He divined the nature of the ordeal through which he had gone.

He had resolved to subject her to the ordeal of the prince's addresses.

But this ordeal combat was far removed from the domain of sport.

The one that appalled me most was the inward guilt which I brought with me to this ordeal.

I went with some misgivings, but the ordeal proved uneventful.

Greatly as he shrank from the ordeal, he must encounter it without show of reluctance!

The two most common ordeals were the ordeal by fire and the ordeal by water.

I should have deserved it, I knew, but I felt as if I should die under the ordeal.