Orderliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Orderliness:

The world is pretty unanimous now in its belief in the orderliness of Nature.

She was a model of orderliness, who kept her daughter's accounts with severe precision.

An example must be made if we would have respect and orderliness from these men.

If a man is thrifty it will find expression in the orderliness of his place.

There was a pleasing grace in the orderliness of their lives.

The study of Variation had from the first shown that an orderliness of this kind was present.

He despised him also for the orderliness with which he did his official work.

Her orderliness made him impatient, and his disorderliness drove her wild.

He was by nature unmethodical and disorderly, and she supplied him with method and orderliness.

There is nothing of the checkerboard about it; the orderliness of a chess game is lacking.