Orders [noun]

Definition of Orders:

arrangement, organization

Opposite/Antonyms of Orders:

Sentence/Example of Orders:

The captain moved among them, and his orders were obeyed, but not with alacrity.

They called him a King or a prince and obeyed his orders for their own common benefit.

In severe obedience to orders, therefore, he did not even now call.

And a good many of the orders given to it are not obeyed after all.

Hotspur interrupts her by calling the servant and giving him orders.

When, at last, he took the horse and buggy and drove about the country for orders, he was too late.

Such had been the orders of Demosthenes, which were now carried into effect.

I am under the sheriff's orders, and not under the orders of that officer.

Remember my orders: stones in your pockets, the stick in your hand.

He did not intend to be cheated out of his fun by any orders that "Straw-nose" should give him.