Ordinances [noun]

Definition of Ordinances:

law, rule

Synonyms of Ordinances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ordinances:

Sentence/Example of Ordinances:

And the sacred "ordinance," with all other proprieties, was left in ruins that day.

"If there were not an ordinance against the hurling of missiles," finished the widower.

"Your Majesty's ordinance as to duelling is receiving our best attention," he assured me.

Where is an ordinance about pleasure similar to that about pain to be found in your laws?

It is the old Icelandic ordinance, but it has gone from Iceland.

Now, on what authority shall this part of the ordinance, viz.

I thought my trouble was over when that ordinance was passed.

"That ordinance was changed two years ago," replied the chairman.

The father of the child, if he be an elder, is expected to participate in the ordinance.

The ordinance of South Carolina had been called a "pacific measure."