Ordinate [verb]

Definition of Ordinate:

border, mark

Synonyms of Ordinate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ordinate:

Sentence/Example of Ordinate:

The position MX on the ordinate marks the beginning of the second period.

Of three angles of an ordinate quinquangle, is made the angle of a Dodecahedrum.

This upper branch of the curve is not shown in the figure, as the ordinate corresponding to 30 would be very great.

The ordinate is the correction to be added to the observed reading to reduce to a uniform scale.

A curve is thus obtained, the ordinate representing growth elongation and the abscissa the time.

A Thermo-crescent Curve is thus obtained, the ordinate of which represents increment of growth, and the abscissa, the time.

The ordinate of the curve represents the intensity of response, and the abscissa the time (fig. 1).

The ordinate in these curves represents the E.M. variation, and the abscissa the time.

The abscissa and the ordinate do not measure commensurable units.

Or in other words, each inch in the height of the ordinate represents 30 lbs.