Organ [noun]

Definition of Organ:

means, tool

Synonyms of Organ:

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Sentence/Example of Organ:

It need hardly be said that in any case it was not Handel's practice to compose his works on an organ.

For him the intellect as such is the organ of religious truth.

He could hear the music of the organ, and presently the choir began to sing an anthem.

A mineral that gives off heat and stimulates the organ that a scientist is a fool with.

It consists in locating and exploiting the organ that one is a dupe with.

He took the organ daily, and copied, at home, the cathedral music.

At that moment, to his excessive astonishment, the organ began to peal forth.

You should make your paper the organ of some influential party.

We quit at the Organ Pool about three o'clock of the afternoon.

But there he sets and sets over that organ, trying to pick out tunes!