Organisms [noun]

Definition of Organisms:

living thing

Synonyms of Organisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Organisms:

Sentence/Example of Organisms:

If they are exposed to the ordinary atmosphere around us, why, of course, you may have organisms appearing early.

Predaceous: applied to insects that live by preying upon other organisms.

This only refers to consecutiveness of history of organisms of each formation.

Teleology concerns the ends for which organisms were designed.

They were not just similar as to organisms and physical structure.

All the researches into the simpler forms of organisms go to prove that.

A favorite phrase with him is living bodies, or, as we should say, organisms.

In the competition of life the parties are men and other organisms.

These organisms were described as "Laveran's degenerative forms."

In nine out of the ten flasks no organisms of any kind were developed.