Orgiastic [adjective]

Definition of Orgiastic:

sexually aroused; displaying excessive interest in sex

Synonyms of Orgiastic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orgiastic:

Sentence/Example of Orgiastic:

The mood was rapturous, but not abandoned; ecstatic, but not orgiastic.

Beginning with the two "calves," they proceeded to lewd and orgiastic idolatries.

There was nothing tumultuous or orgiastic in his proceedings.

In what orgiastic festivals do we dispose of the surplus of vital power?

Even the Dry-towners shunned the orgiastic rituals of Kamaina.

The worship of the gods assumed a more terrific and orgiastic character.

They show no cannibalism, probably no totemism, certainly no orgiastic excesses.

Her especial affinity with wild nature was manifested by the orgiastic character of her worship.

Hence among primitive peoples New Year is often characterised by orgiastic rites.

The fact that the rites were called Dionysiac is no reason for denying the fact that some orgiastic rites were practised.