Orienting [verb]

Definition of Orienting:


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Sentence/Example of Orienting:

We have discovered the Orient, and even more, the Orient has discovered us.

Once more may our eyes be gladdened with the pearly, orient dew!

After B.'s death his friends filled the Orient with his bronzes.

Such have been the customs of the Orient, from time immemorial, and are today.

Orient, gorgeous, and flushed with color and light, like the morning!

If you will be guided by us, sir, you will stay at the 'Orient' with us.

In a matter of months he had welded the Orient into an unbeatable war-machine.

Men looked again to the mysterious Orient, the cradle of the Divine.

His soul was of the Orient, but his brain was of the Occident.

He was again a traveller to the Orient, that is, to America.