Orifices [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Orifices:

One may take a sheep's bladder into the orifice of which a tube is fastened.

There had been only a superficial examination by Tomlinson of the orifice of the wound.

A jet of soapsuds plays on each drill from an orifice 1/32 in.

It was not difficult then to stop up the orifice with a little fat.

He examined the edge of the orifice where the rock rested upon it.

Many of the travelers did not even move as they left the orifice.

He soon picked out the orifice of Marie Antoinette's chimney.

The bees enlarged the orifice and dragged out the now dead queens.

And when the incision was made, he observed, 'The orifice is not large enough.'

It decreases a little as the size of the orifice is greater.