Originality [noun]

Definition of Originality:


Opposite/Antonyms of Originality:

Sentence/Example of Originality:

His motives for this stroke of originality were difficult to discover.

This 'consolation stakes' is regarded as a better test of originality than the tripos.

His originality as an inventor has indeed been called in question, like that of Watt and Stephenson.

This savours of originality, at least, and is just as insipid, if not more.

Yet the greater merit of the work is not the admirable art, but the originality of thought.

We acknowledge his originality, and some of us delight to wander in the mazes of thought which he has opened to us.

Let me proceed then, in the hope of proving to you my originality.

The observation was not remarkable for originality, but I liked it.

There's no originality in the thought, but it succeeds as well as if there were!

They never startled you by a touch of originality, by a fresh audacity of inspiration.