Originally [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Originally:

The Law of God was originally written in man's heart at creation.

There is no map that shows these roads as they originally were, but the changes are not so many as you might think.

Perhaps this had originally been the mainspring of the understanding between them.

Silchester was originally a British stronghold, and was called by them Calleva.

But who made them, and for what purpose were they originally made?

Originally educated for maternity they had to be re-educated for service.

The Manx cat came from the Isle of Man originally, and is a distinct breed.

They are, no doubt, less now than they were originally, owing to the effects of time and tillage.

On the top of this there was originally erected a great statue of the sun.

Originally, clothes were only worn for adornment or for protection against the cold.