Ornamented [verb]

Definition of Ornamented:


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Sentence/Example of Ornamented:

The inside was ornamented, too, and there was an altar in there.

The room, I now for the first time observed, was ornamented with flowers.

The beams of the ceiling, ornamented with amber, rose in wide arches.

The windows of the Tuileries were ornamented, and were filled with people.

The Title-page is ornamented with the Aldine device and motto as in No.

The front is richly carved, and ornamented by fluted pillars.

The six chapels are also cut in the wall and ornamented by two columns and two pilasters.

It was very large, and was very gayly painted, and ornamented with flags and banners.

Both he and Asaad had capital mares and ornamented long guns.

There was also an ornamented cross in this cupola, and other crosses in other chambers.