Ornaments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ornaments:

Some ornaments of stucco and fragments of mosaic-work are yet to be seen.

Ornaments do not please, therefore, because they are beautiful, but because they are dear.

She did not now betray the least emotion at the sight or mention of pearls or any other ornaments.

His eyes travelled over her hands and neck, destitute of ornaments.

A Santal woman may carry as much as fifteen kilogrammes of ornaments on her body.

They know nothing of warfare; they but wear their swords as ornaments.

They are brought to be eaten, and if not adapted properly to the occasion, they are deformities on the dish instead of ornaments.

Judging from the ornaments and images, this must be a spot sacred to Achelous and the Nymphs.

The women betake themselves to expensive apparel and ornaments of gold.

This sepulchral monument the Thebans decked with ornaments before the battle.