Ornate [adjective]

Definition of Ornate:

fancily decorated

Opposite/Antonyms of Ornate:

Sentence/Example of Ornate:

The mass was an ornate one, though not more so than they were accustomed to at Beaulieu.

During the remaining years of the century the foot was worked into ornate lobes.

His eyes and tongue were caught away by the ornate structure of the opera-house.

Its crenellations and turrets are military and forceful, not ornate.

Yes, it is very handsome, no doubt, but too ornate and pie-crusty for my—taste.

Then they were in front of an ornate door, with their weapons ready.

Then the mistress entered a more capacious and ornate apartment.

And although the luncheon came in courses it was not ornate.

They were dressed in the ornate court dress of the Western Empire, he saw.

Turning the handle of the door, he walked into the large, ornate apartment.