Ornateness [noun]

Definition of Ornateness:


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Sentence/Example of Ornateness:

As we should expect, there is a fairly steady movement from simplicity to ornateness.

There was a striving for effect, with ornateness and extravagance, and finally the art passed out entirely.

The ornateness of architecture appears in the East and West in nearly equal measure.

The writing masters of that time cared far more for ornateness than for verity, or even legibility.

It was the time when ornateness of figure and poeticalness of diction were regarded as essentials of style.

Some of the extra-illuminated books of this period are among the most beautiful printed books ever issued in their ornateness.

The prize tools reflected little of the ornateness apparent in the wares of most of the other exhibitors.

The emphasis in these rhetorics on style is the same: ornateness in communication is achieved through using the figures.

It is a sound policy to avoid the ornateness that frequently accompanies a large and unskillfully planned area.

Tristrem repeated, utterly unimpressed by the ornateness of the novelist's remarks.