Orphanage [noun]

Definition of Orphanage:

organization, usually educational

Synonyms of Orphanage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orphanage:


Sentence/Example of Orphanage:

After dinner she went off to Westminster in search of the orphanage.

But I stopped long enough at the orphanage to ask about the poor baby.

The next time she came to the hospital, Kate had much to ask her about the Orphanage.

That home of affluence was not mine,—it was only the asylum of my first days of orphanage.

For several years they had supported a little girl at an orphanage.

Now this orphanage was well conducted, but it wasn't a home; it was an institution.

You would not have let the youngster go into an Orphanage had you known of the matter.

The head of the orphanage admitted that the total had dropped off.

The female head of the orphanage accepted the gift with gratitude.

But then he insists that if she isn't born with blue eyes, he will send her to the orphanage.