Orthoepy [noun]

Definition of Orthoepy:

way something is said

Synonyms of Orthoepy:

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Sentence/Example of Orthoepy:

The following list is from Nares' Orthoepy, a work to which the reader is referred.

To mispronounce a word because it is misspelt is only indirectly an error of orthoepy.

It is so arranged as to teach orthography and orthoepy simultaneously.

The orthography is according to Jack's orthoepy, for there are various spellings of the word.

Many of the words in most books on orthoepy are very rarely mispronounced, and they serve only to cumber the work.

Orthoepy differs from orthography by determining how words are spoken, whereas orthography decides how they are spelt.

In matters of orthoepy it is the usual custom to appeal to one of the following standards.

It has a certain crude and primitive grammar, but in point of orthoepy is extremely difficult.

Orthography addresses itself to the eye, orthoepy to the ear.

In this case it is opposed to orthoepy, orthography, syntax, and the other parts of grammar.