Oscillates [verb]

Definition of Oscillates:

change back and forth

Synonyms of Oscillates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oscillates:

Sentence/Example of Oscillates:

I expected to see it grip the wretched Bob, when it began to oscillate from side to side.

The weight will oscillate at a uniform rate, or so many times a minute.

Anyhow, I know I must oscillate between north and south, so oscillate I do.

That is to say, the body must oscillate from side to side, or waddle.

It does not oscillate (or pump), though extremely sensitive.

The feelings do not so much advance like a river, as oscillate like a pendulum.

Sheldon cried, for the other was beginning to vibrate and oscillate before his eyes.

Thus, while spinning on its vertical axis the body of the top is able to oscillate, pendulum-like, lengthwise of the ship.

But if you release the brake so that the entire mechanism is free to oscillate lengthwise of the ship, all is changed.

In this position he stood for some moments, apparently watching the tail, which still continued to oscillate rapidly.