Ossified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ossified:

The joints are less supple; the arteries are more or less "ossified."

The vertebræ were not ossified, for no trace of them has been found.

It is not necessary to be a contortionist, nor will it answer to be an ossified freak.

The notochord is restricted and replaced by ossified vertebræ.

The mandible has a distinct splenial, and the articular is ossified.

In the Chelonia the scapula and precoracoid are ossified continuously.

The ilia are not connected with the sacrum by ossified sacral ribs.

The quadratojugal is not ossified, and the quadrate articulates with the exoccipital.

The nasal bones are often ossified together to form one bone.

I must have looked strange to him when he came up to where I stood as one ossified.