Ossifying [verb]

Definition of Ossifying:

become hard from aging

Synonyms of Ossifying:

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Sentence/Example of Ossifying:

There is a general growth to be observed, and the bones are beginning to ossify.

The first vertebra to ossify is the second or third cervical, and the ossification gradually extends to those behind.

The mentomecklians do not ossify until approximately the same time that the quadratojugal appears in the upper jaw.

Convictions harden and grow, and differences magnify and ossify as the controversy progresses.

The latter will always take care of themselves—the danger being that they rapidly tend to ossify us.

Valves of the Aorta of a cartilaginous texture, as if beginning to ossify.

The other element, the cartilaginous brain-box, does not ossify, and tends to become absorbed (p. 124).

Does it liberate or suppress, ossify or render flexible, divide or unify interest?

But Philip seemed to ossify, every cord and muscle of his body frozen to stone by the conflict that raged within him.

"And give you indigestion and see you ossify for want of exercise under my indulgent eye," retorted her mother.