Ostensibly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Ostensibly:

Ostensibly they were a literary society; really they were diamond polishers.

He had discarded his hat, and lay back on his elbows, ostensibly to look at the moon.

Ostensibly the letter invited him to address the Silver Shirts.

He could not retire from Mexico after this ostensibly friendly visit.

He was not certain, but when had George left Atlanta, ostensibly for Memphis?

You intend to go along with me, ostensibly to help me in whatever I intend to do.

Therefore his visit to London was ostensibly on private affairs.

Ostensibly the draft was the excuse, but with the moving spirits it was but a subterfuge.

Ostensibly this war was to be unlike any other so far waged.

Villani says that the odes to which it is ostensibly a commentary were written in exile.