Osteology [noun]

Definition of Osteology:

structure of bones in animate being or supports in an object

Synonyms of Osteology:

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Sentence/Example of Osteology:

Why is it that the students of Osteology are so few in number?

So I think it may be said that mechanics and osteology are pure science.

The osteology of these three genera is comparatively well-known.

To be sure, and such is the osteology of the most amorous intent.

He didn't seem, however, to have any such passion for osteology.

We have already noted how much superior was his osteology to that of Mundinus.

As he spoke he watched the doctor curiously while he inspected the specimens of osteology in the oak chest.

And yet it is points like these which, in my opinion, make up the true science of Osteology.

As far as I know, there is no really luminous book on osteology in existence.

Osteology is one of the most delightful branches of comparative anatomy, and one not very hard to master.