Ostracizing [verb]

Definition of Ostracizing:

exile, banish

Synonyms of Ostracizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ostracizing:

Sentence/Example of Ostracizing:

Will you then ostracize the South and compel the abolition of slavery?

The defeat was staved off "ostrich" and "ostracize" on to some one else.

And just for that they chose to turn the cold shoulder on her,—to ostracize her practically.

It will never trouble itself to inquire minutely into the truth, but will pronounce its hasty judgment, and then ostracize.

No, let us everywhere put down treason and ostracize traitors.

They are uncompromising in such matters and ostracize any one of their members who marries an outsider.

Legally your actions cannot be assailed, but morally they should ostracize you from decent society.

This set with Berenice as instigator, took it upon themselves to ostracize Hester.

To hinder the unfolding truth, to ostracize whatever uplifts mankind, is of course out of the question.

They ostracize Aristides, simply because they are "tired of hearing him always called the Just."