Otherwise [adverb]

Definition of Otherwise:

in another way; alternatively

Synonyms of Otherwise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Otherwise:


Sentence/Example of Otherwise:

Otherwise I may behave in a manner to be regretted in my calmer moments.

Ladies should have with them as much jewelry as possible, borrowed or otherwise.

Otherwise, he would not have cared to go on destroying life for no useful end.

The three gave Andy a look and a grunt, but otherwise they paid no attention to him.

"Of course I am, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it," declared Emma.

With what warmth of benevolence—how should he be otherwise than warm in any of his attributes?

The Universal Father could surely not do otherwise than bless all alike.

It has never been otherwise as yet; it will probably not be otherwise for long generations to come.

One's attention was not called to it otherwise than as a wholly inevitable state.

"These are the Beating Friars, otherwise called the Flagellants," quoth he.