Oubliette [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Oubliette:

It is the oubliette in which the Staphilinus buries the remains of his victims.

The gloomy chamber, however, is generally called an oubliette.

Do you remember the oubliette between the guard-room and the tower?

After the stench of the oubliette, it was like heaven to Hyla.

In the centre of the chamber there is an oubliette to the darkness below.

Nay, lady, I could look to the gear for the oubliette if you would speak the word.

So into the oubliette they toppled him, clapping down the door in its place above.

The oubliette--Almeric shuddered, and the colour faded from his face.

The garden contained an oubliette, down which Mrs. Marsh, while walking in the evening, inadvertently fell.

Well, the games went on; and nothing would please some of the young ones but we should see the Oubliette.