Ouch [noun]

Definition of Ouch:


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Sentence/Example of Ouch:

In the midst of the meal they were startled by the girl who, crying "Ouch!"

"Ouch," Grunty howled, as his mother sent him sprawling once more.

Got a bit moren they bargained for, that time, said Pug exultantly, and then Ouch!

I don't know what the nation Graydon will think, or—— Ouch, my head!

I believe if he could only fool us into thinking he was God, he could act like Him—ouch, Bella!

Then Steve struck his opponent a blow in the ribs that brought a loud "ouch!"

She clutched Greyson's hair with a violence which wrung a stifled "Ouch!"

It's a real pleasure to play with a young man like you who—ouch!

I must have caught cold after my shower the other night and—ouch!

Then he began to slap the water with his short, stout tail, and say "Ouch!"