Ought [noun]

Definition of Ought:

necessity, essential

Synonyms of Ought:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ought:


Sentence/Example of Ought:

I know that I have spoken of him as I ought not to have spoken.

He decided he ought to think more about what he was doing and what he should do.

And yet there ought to be so much to do here; it's all so fresh and roomy and jolly.

I ought to be supple enough after the practice of these three days.

But all the while, the days grew shorter and the nights were colder than they ought to have been.

But if this goes on, it is the gentlemen who ought to withdraw.

If any exist they ought to be ascertained and guarded against.

Wealth is not inimical to welfare; it ought to be its friendliest agency.

So, Miss, if you have a real value for your reputation, shew it as you ought.

While this great man lives, he ought to be supreme in the affairs of his country.