Ounce [noun]

Definition of Ounce:

one-sixteenth of a pound/28.35 grams

Synonyms of Ounce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ounce:


Sentence/Example of Ounce:

And ever since he had never managed to get his weight down as much as an ounce.

Dissolve an ounce of isinglass in as much warm water as will cover it.

The proportion is an ounce of pearl-ash to half a pint of water.

He was a hard man, and would never bate an ounce of plate or a bottle of wine.

Well, I've never borne him an ounce of malice for his delusion.

I shall be most thankful, sir—they sell horseflesh by the ounce nowadays.

It is usual to reward the young woman who plays this part with an ounce of gold.

Then add to it a thickening of flour, using one ounce of flour to every pint of stock.

Thicken the soup with flour, using about one ounce to every pint of stock.

To a quart of vinegar put an ounce of white pepper, an ounce of sliced ginger, a little mace and pimento, all boiled together.