Outbreaks [noun]

Definition of Outbreaks:

sudden happening

Synonyms of Outbreaks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outbreaks:

Sentence/Example of Outbreaks:

While here, Fleeming witnessed the outbreak of the Revolution of 1848, and heard the first shot.

This outbreak terminated in a sound between a snarl and a bellow.

Instead he hunted up the offended Bacons and apologized for his outbreak.

He had expected some kind of an outbreak––at least a remonstrance from his old friend.

“Now and then I have an outbreak of this kind,” he added lightly.

The causes which brought them about originated after the outbreak of the war.

Afterward it seemed as if she was ashamed of her outbreak, and she quietly subsided.

"So you think we shall have no outbreak, Hemsworth," said Sir Marmaduke, as they sat at tea.

They were not of joy, still less of sorrow,—they were the outbreak of a hundred emotions.

He was kept in jail till the outbreak of the war, when he was set at liberty.