Outbuilding [noun]

Definition of Outbuilding:


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Sentence/Example of Outbuilding:

Tom, Randolph, Fred and Rossiter were allotted to a chamber in an outbuilding.

Jim Sanders had, it appeared, hidden there in an outbuilding: why not Rupert Trevlyn?

I could see him from the verandah, and I sent Jim to offer him shelter in an outbuilding.

It was the outbuilding of which our refuge was the cellar, and it was half filled with light.

The building was a dingy yellow-brick residence outside the village, with the schoolroom as an outbuilding of lath and plaster.

And Harlan saw Woodward come from behind an outbuilding, look toward the ranchhouse, and then walk slowly toward them.

He could be boarded at the almshouse for nothing, and, chained in an outbuilding, he would not require any care.

Betty went into the pig house, the chicken house and yard, and every outbuilding.

The window looked out on to the roof of an outbuilding; beyond, the deep cutting of the railway line.

My crew obtained shelter in an outbuilding, and I unhesitatingly sought the hospitality of the mansion.